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Discover The Shins! I heard of them for the first time when watching the movie Garden State. Enjoy. (new single here:

Sorry. Had to.

Sorry. Had to.

NME’s Noel Gallagher ultimate video guide!

As Noel Gallagher is crowned NME Awards Godlike Genuis for 2012, the magazine is looking back to the incredible career of the fabulous songwriter of Oasis.

Check the video here :—-the-ultimate-guide-part-one/1411796784001


If you are a Justice fan as much as I am you’ll probably like the new SurfaceToAir collection they did with the collaboration of the electro-rock superstars Justice.
To be released in February 2012

Brand new Justice On’n’On video clip!

A great [From the basement] version of The Raconteurs’ “Consoler of the Lonely”.

"Vinyls kill MP3 music."

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